It is produced from mechanically juiced Latvia grown berries. Content: unfiltered chokeberry juice (100%). The energetic value of 100 mg of the product is 205 kJ/49 kcal.     It is of equal value with fresh fruits and contains about 5% of vitamin P, which is used in cases of asthenia, anaemia, as a remedy lowering blood pressure and strengthening human body. It also contains few sugars, a moderate amount of pectins, organic acids, vitamin C, vitamin B2, and large amount of vitamin A, provitamins, carotenoids, tannins, mineral substances and other compounds. The juice enlarges blood-vessels, lowers arterial blood pressure at I and II stage of essential hypertension, strengthens blood-vessel walls and decreases its penetrability.     Our chokeberry juice is rich with antioxidants what has been proven by accomplished tests. Their results and comparison with other products you can see here.