100% Japanese quince syrup extracted from Latvia grown Japanese quinces via osmosis with sugar dissolved by juice. The energetic value of 100 mg of the product is 921 kJ/239 kcal.
This is an extremely valuable product which preserves biologically active substances and the specific aroma. For consumption dilute with water at a ratio 1:4. The Japanese quince fruits have a lot of vitamin C, about three times more than in apples. The Japanese quince contains pectins, acids and mineral substances. The juice has a beneficial impact on human psyche; it cheers up, improves the mood, diminishes headaches, strengthens the heart, livers, stomach, improves the appetite and prevents a bad breath. The sweet-sour fruits help in cases of nausea, vomiting, cardiac rhythm disorders, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, colitis and hepatitis. The Japanese quince juice is a good help in cases of difficult respiration, haemorrhage, blood expectoration, thirst, respiratory diseases and hangovers.