Components: sea-buckthorn juice 30%, pumpkin syrup 30%, Japanese quince syrup 30%. The energetic value of 100 mg of the product is 239 kcal, 921 kJ. It is intended for making refreshers after diluting with water at a ratio 1:4. The sea-buckthorns contain practically all the vitamins existing in nature and are valuable suppliers of vitamins to the human body. Consumption of these fruits helps to preserve and supplement the provision of vitamins. Regular consumption of the juice decreases the level of cholesterol in the blood, improves the overall condition of the human body in the case of cancer disease, diminishes fatigue and improves operational capability. The sea-buckthorn juice strengthens the immune system. The juice has a lot of vitamin C, but it is recommendable also for people with stomach problems in small amounts. The juice is recommendable for pregnant women and for those whose work is related with hard loads.